PBM Optimization

Revenue from a PBM is the majority of your sales. To maximize your profitability, you must optimize this revenue stream.

How To Monetize Your Pharmacy Data

Monetize Your Pharmacy Data

Everyone else is monetizing your pharmacy’s data; shouldn’t you be too? The pharmacy data that independent pharmacies create daily is worth millions. Yet, pharmacy owners never see any of that money. Everyone else that collects and uses your pharmacy’s generated data sells it. What’s crazy is you even pay to…

Direct Contracting DiversifyRx

To Be Direct Or Not To Be Direct

Have you considered having a pharmacy direct contract with PBMs? Getting a pharmacy direct contract is a hot topic because pharmacies are continuously getting squeezed with no end in sight. Should you change your PSAO affiliation? Would your pharmacy be better off with a direct contract? Only you can answer these…