How To Support Your Employees In Tough Times

How To Support Employees During Tough Times

Employees everywhere are struggling with unprecedented stress during these tough times. Right now, times are tough. Dealing with social issues, the pandemic, and family trials are causing staff to be more stressed than ever before. There is no more important role as a leader than to support your employees’ well-being.

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How To Hire Employees Tough Market

How To Attract & Hire Employees In A Tough Job Market

Have you tried to hire an employee recently? Raise your hand if you have trouble hiring reliable, talented employees!  You are not alone.  Pharmacy owners are looking for qualified and dependable talent who will show up to work consistently and do their best. At the same time, candidates are seeking

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video Marketing tips

Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing should be a cornerstone of your pharmacy’s marketing growth plan. Is your pharmacy’s growth feeling a little bit stagnant lately? Are you using the same marketing strategies that you’ve always used?  You have probably come to realize that marketing is one of the most significant areas that can

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How To Monetize Your Pharmacy Data

Monetize Your Pharmacy Data

Everyone else is monetizing your pharmacy’s data; shouldn’t you be too? The pharmacy data that independent pharmacies create daily is worth millions. Yet, pharmacy owners never see any of that money. Everyone else that collects and uses your pharmacy’s generated data sells it. What’s crazy is you even pay to

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Pharmacy Immunizations Best Practices

Pharmacy Immunizations Best Practices

All hands on deck!! The pharmacy immunization tsunami of flu and COVID 3rd shots is almost upon us.  Is your pharmacy ready?  Are you finally thinking of adding vaccination services to your repertoire? Adding vaccine administration to your list of pharmacy services is a great way to serve and protect

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6 Secrets To Increase Pharmacy Profits From PBMs

6 Secrets To Increase Pharmacy Profits From PBMs

If you want to increase pharmacy profits, then you must optimize your PBM-based revenue.  Most independent pharmacies’ revenue comes through a PBM. In fact, it is normal for over 95% of a pharmacy’s sales to come from a PBM. This reliance on PBMs leads to almost all of a pharmacy

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How To Monetize Your Covid Waiting List

How To Monetize Your Covid Waiting Lists

Are you sitting on your COVID waiting lists, or are you making the most of them? COVID is making a comeback, and I bet many of you have a ton of contact information from your COVID waiting lists just sitting around. Are you educating your list? Inviting them to visit

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7 lessons from a serial entrepreneur

7 Lessons From A Serial Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is no cakewalk. Although, it is a bit addicting! Here are 7 Lessons I’ve learned by being a serial entrepreneur. I originally shared these thoughts during Kimber Boothe’s Pharmfluencer summit with pharmacists who are considering becoming entrepreneurs. These lessons are suitable for solopreneurs as well as seasoned

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simple 4 steps for pharmacy employee training

The Simple 4 Step Pharmacy Employee Training Process

Implement a Pharmacy Employee Training Process to Help You Become More Profitable Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted entire months hiring and then training a new employee that didn’t work out? There are many reasons why new employees might not work out, but don’t let one of those reasons

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non-PBM revenue 5 strategies for pharmacy profit

Pharmacy Profit Top 5 Non-PBM Revenue Strategies

Increasing non-PBM Revenue can lessen the stranglehold PBMs have on your pharmacy.  Owning a pharmacy is hard work. What it shouldn’t be is confusing. If you find yourself unsure of what to focus on or how to improve your pharmacy, it is time to go back to the basics. There

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